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SilkRoad International Summit

SILKROAD INTERNATIONAL SUMMIT aims to reestablish the significance of silkroad in Asia and Pakistan , which was a symbol of trade , tourism and industrial linkage , In this modern age of technology we need to rebuild the alliance of Business, technology and trade with SilkRoad . This Conference mainly targets following areas :
1. Tourism
2. SDGs
3. IoT
4. Cyber Security
5. Block Chain
6. Artificial Intelligence
Multiple Seminars , Discussion forums and workshops will be part of the conference along with that this will not be a simple conventional conference but an initiative of cultural exchange and tourism festivity for the regions of Pakistan. The event will start with a fashion show and program inagural at PC Karachi on 17th March 2021,then a 2 days trip to Gwadar with all International and National Delgates and then finaly a 3 days confrence at PC Malam jabba Which will be the 1st event of its kind, with International,National and Local delegates,Business community,Youth,Media personals,Politicians,tourism Industry and other stakeholders.

EVENT METHODOLOGY (Malam Jabba Summit)

A 3 Days SilkRoad International Summit with a lot of festivity and a lot more. While event comprises Workshops,conference,seminars and cultural exchange of Pakistan with National and International Delegates while multiplier opportunities will be aroused by the initiative.


Day 1 Opening Event

  • Venue:PC Malam jabba
  • Formal Opening event with VVIPs with formal Scope of work
  • 1 day event
  • Day Fireworks opening
  • Inaugural Event
  • Tourism Pavilions (Outdoor)
  • Tourism Pvt Sector Stalls Indoor
  • Cultural Pavilions & Exhibition
  • Food court and Entertainment area
  • Grand Opening ceremony
  • Cultural Night & Dinner

Day 2 conference content

  • 3 days event
  • conference content
  • Panel Discussions,refreshment
  • Exhibitions and stalls display
  • Excursion Program (Guided Tour & Outdoor Session)
  • Corporate Dinner & Drama Night
  • Outdoor Flying Candle ceremony

Day 3 Closing Event

  • Day opening ceremony Management Prize distributions Guest Sessions
  • Panel discussions
  • Host Address
  • Speeches
  • Cultutral Performancses (Kalash & Others)
  • Musical Performance by National Artist & Local Artists
  • Closing ceremony (Chief Guest Speach)
  • Prize Distribution
  • Grand Firework 6-7 Minutes


As final scope of the event is subject to client consultation , we are proposing a brief plan for the event: Participants Arrival (Delegates – Traditional Ride) Traditional Dances Performance through Track Trail of Pavilions, Stalls , exhibitions Main Auditorium Venue Settlement Official Event Inaugural Speeches Video Premier of the Event Delegates Speeches Souvenirs Distribution Lunch Serving And Event Launch through Stage fireworks Full Day conference content Tourism & SDGS Conference (2:30 4:30 PM)

    Closing Event

  • Venue : PC Malam Jabba
  • Formal closing event with VVIPs with formal Scope of work ,
  • Awards and Souvenirs distributio
  • See Off Activity


As final scope of the event is subject to client consultation , we are proposing a brief plan for the event: Closing event with VVIPS Guest Arrivals (Red Carpet- Media Wall) Speeches and formal event Delegates Token of thanks Video display of 3 days event Highlights Souvenirs and awards distribution See off Activity

Event Details

Day 1

17th March

SilkRoad International Summit in karachi
1 Fashion Extravaganza .
2 Musical Night .
3 Networking Dinner .

Day 2 , 3

18th-19th March

SilkRoad International Summit in Gwadar .
1 Visit to Gwadar Development authority .
2 Trip to CPEC Port .
3 Visit to Gymkhana Gwadar .
4 Visit to Business Center Excursion to Gwadar .

Day 4 , 5

21st-23rd March

SilkRoad International Summit in Malam Jabba
1 SEMINARS (Tourism, Technology, Business).
2 Fashion Exhibition & Women Empowerment .